Best Smoked Summer Sausage Recipe

1. 3 lbs wild game 2. 2 lbs pork trimmings 3. LEM Backwoods Summer Sausage Mixture 4. LEM High Temp Cheese 5. 1lb casings


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1. Using your grinder with the coarse plate, and partially frozen meat, grind up all 5 lbs alternating between wild game and pork trimmings. If you are doing more than 5 lbs, freezing your grinder head can make this process easier.

Step 1

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Once all 5 lbs have gone through the grinder, unplug your machine and switch over to the fine plate. Grind all the meat through one more time.

Step 2

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In your LEM meat lug, open your seasoning packet and the cure packet that is included in the kit. Mix thoroughly adding up to 1/4c of water if needed.

Step 3

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A good way to tell if you have the right consistency is to grab a ball of meat and see if it stays stuck together, and sticks to your hand


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Now that we have it at the consistency we want, we can mix in 1/2LB of our high temp cheese.

Step 4

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Next, load up your stuffer with the meat mixture and presoak the casing for 10 mins in warm water. When stuffing the casing we want to make sure they are tight with no air pockets.

Step 5

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When the casing is full tie off the end and complete the rest of the casings. When all casings are full, place them in the fridge overnight to cure.

Step 6

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Start up your smoker to the lowest setting. We used a Pit Boss vertical smoker that went down to 150°. After 1 hour turn it up to 175° until the meat reaches an Internal temperature of 160°. Pull the sausage and immediately place it into an ice bath to cool.

Step 7

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Once the meat is cool you can now vacuum seal it for later or cut some up and enjoy now

Step 8

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